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Jackie is a remarkably creative thinker. She not only managed the project, she was also a part of the creative process. Though this participation was not something of which she was required, her insight was invaluable.

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She played a vital role in the strategic application design of the Oprah.com project, stretching the scope of the project to much more than a typical marketing website and finding new ways to engage our target user. Jackie is very intelligent and quick-witted. She proved to be a very quick study, learning everything about our brand, goals, demographics and scope in record time.

. . .

In addition to becoming a brand expert of her group, Jackie was always cheerful during this intense period. She was a joy to have in the think tank. She is a considerate team player. She is also good at gauging other people’s level of knowledge and attitudes.

Jennifer Severns

Design Director, Oprah.com

From the beginning, Jackie struck me as someone with seemingly limitless drive and intelligence and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Over the next couple of years, I watched Jackie tackle increasingly complex interactive projects with enthusiasm and a rare flexibility which would always lead to a successful outcome. Her sense of humor, organization, and creativity motivated her teams to excel at whatever it was they were trying to accomplish. At Schematic, Jackie and I worked on several projects for Disney-ABC Television Group. These projects always had tight deadlines and a large amount of requirements. Successful execution depended on coordinating designers, developers, account managers, client team members, and others and providing all parties with clear and frequent architecture deliverables, status reports, and other project management tools.

. . .

At the time, I had several project managers working in my program and a lot required close supervision but I was always confident that Jackie could handle whatever the client or I threw at her without having to look over her shoulder. Unlike some interactive companies, Schematic was never an organization where project managers were solely employed to make sure the trains ran on time. Jackie embodied the ideal Schematic project manager by excelling at both project management and creative skills.

. . .

She was often pulled into brainstorm meetings for other projects and at one time almost exclusively ran the company’s advertising business as a result of her ability to come up with humorous and catchy advertising campaigns. While a lot of Schematic projects relied on copywriters to write copy, Jackie often wrote her own witty copy.

Outside of work she was equally creative. Several coworkers and I saw her perform a hilarious one woman show that was so good we almost couldn’t believe she did it herself. It’s rare to have a coworker so full of energy, creativity, and loyalty as Jackie and it’s been an honor having her as a colleague.

Jonathan Barsook

Sr. Producer, Disney-ABC Television Group